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Photographer Guy Obijn is an enthusiastic music lover and has been collecting vinyl records for 35 years.

For some time now he has the idea of ​​linking vinyl with architecture in an artistic way. In his art he packages the vinyl records in a self-designed plexi case (diameter 100 cm), containing his photos that form an association with each other.


Price on request.

Since I've been photographing architecture for more than 30 years, it was

a challenge for me to create works of art with models.

I beam optical illusions onto naked bodies by means of various projectors.

Then I print the images with a special process (dimensions 40 x 60 cm)

on a brushed aluminum plate.

The advantage over a normal photo print is that the photos cannot decay over time.

Due to the aluminum, the optical illusions are enhanced by the light play of the metal

with the environment.

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